Youth Build the World; Math is Our Tool

The Bob Moses Research Center for Math Literacy Through Public Education honors the vision of Robert Parris Moses, who saw early in his life that the nation had a problem, one which continues to this day:

  • 68%

    of US students lacked math proficiency in 2022

  • 77%

    of Florida's 8th grade students lacked math proficiency

  • #30

    is where the US ranks among industrialized nations for math proficiency

The Bob Moses Research Center has a solution: Inspired by the 40-year visionary work of Bob Moses, we will collaborate with researchers, scholars, administrations, schools, teachers, students, parents, communities, foundations, government agencies, and interested citizens to conduct, disseminate, and apply research that will provide youth with the math education they need to build their world in the 21st century.

Volunteer at the 2023 Flagway Math Tournament

What We Do

We are dedicated to researching, documenting, and disseminating practices that raise the math achievement of all students, amplifying their voices and stories and their demands for quality education. What we do is underscored by the belief that youth can and must drive systemic change—the change needed to build a more perfect union for the nation’s dream of democracy.

Our programs represent a collective effort across communities and institutions led by students, teachers and parents working together with scholars, researchers, and administrators in arenas across the nation.

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Volunteers at the 2023 Flagway Math Tournament

Who We Are

Our Center is the result of a cooperative effort, shared between educators, advocates, scholars, students, and parents, each bringing a unique blend of skills and backgrounds to accomplishing our shared mission. With expertise ranging from classroom instruction to public policy development, we have the passionate dedication and tools to make a positive impact within the classroom and the lives of the students as they create new worlds.

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Who We Serve

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