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The Bob Moses Research Center for Math Literacy Through Public Education honors the vision of Robert Parris Moses, a lifelong champion of civil rights who dedicated his life to fostering mathematical genius among the youth of America. After a life supporting universal suffrage during the Civil Rights Movement, Bob spent the later years of his life seeking to make quality math and science education a part of every classroom.

We continue Bob's work conducting transformative research on math education, empowering children to excel academically and shape their own futures. Our center is a place for rigorous research to take root and become the driving force behind the development of public education, providing all students with equitable access to the tools they need to become engaged, informed citizens.

Volunteer at the 2023 Flagway Math Tournament

What We Do

We are dedicated to the transformation of school systems, with the knowledge that math literacy is essential for economic equity in the 21st century. By empowering our communities to build new academic structures in public education, we hope to actualize the nation's dream of equal opportunity in all arenas for all its children.

Our programs represent the collective effort our communities are putting in to provide fundamental education which, as a Constitutional right, sets a new standard for education and citizenship in a democracy. What we have is a mission to be led by students, teachers and parents working together with scholars, researchers and administrators in educational institutions across the nation.

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Volunteers at the 2023 Flagway Math Tournament

Who We Are

Our center is the result of a collective effort, shared between educators, advocates, scholars and teachers, each bringing a unique blend of skills and backgrounds to accomplishing our shared mission. With expertise ranging from classroom instruction to public policy development, we have the passionate dedication and tools to make a positive impact within the classroom and the lives of the students molded inside it.

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Who We Serve

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