Science Education Campaign for Research, Equity & Teaching

The Science Education Campaign for Research, Equity & Teaching is an effort to move equity commitments from the fringe while simultaneously providing a focal point for attracting collaborators and giving them a core around which subsequent work can arise.

Ordinarily, a group that meets in secret is regarded by outsiders as holding special powers. For this project, we don't presume to wield much political or fiscal power, but instead rely on the social capital of educators and scholars to energize the work we do. To address issues of anti-black racism, the challenges faced by students from low-income families, and the learning needs of emergent bilinguals, we at SECRET are engaged in an ongoing campaign of pursuing equity throughout all dimensions of science education.

Please note that opinions and statements expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Faculty members at a conference

Providing Spaces for Equity and Scholars

Equity within science education is an issue that only receives intermittent attention. Without suggesting equity is unimportant to those who have a stake in science education, we cannot help but notice the absence of a widespread and sustained effort to pursue that equity. A partial explanation is that concerned foundations and associations came into existence prior to and disconnected from concerns central to the Civil Rights Movement.

The many individuals committed to reducing inequities within science education do not have a sustainable network or forum for focusing their work. This project is designed to empower equity-centered scholars by developing a sustainable community with the infrastructure necessary to provide ongoing support to their vital work. With the barrier of isolation removed, the possibilities are endless for those pursuing equity in the classroom.

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Voices on Education

Drs. Brian Williams and John Settlange host several podcasts about science education, mentoring, school leadership and a variety of other topics. Join them as they converse with other educators, scientists and leaders about the experiences they have all had in their collective pursuit of equity in science education.

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Read a special issue of Science Education

The September 2022 publication of Science Education features articles written by participants in our SECRET campaign. Take this opportunity and read about equity-centered science education and its place in academic discussion.